A creative and vibrant community

Local businesses and customers have a shared aspiration for Kingsland to be a creative community within an authentic and diverse New Zealand cultural environment. 

In 2016 Kingsland Business Society got underway with identifying spaces of various types that could be recorded on an arts and creative activations map of Kingsland and surrounds.  This could include the use of public and private spaces, ground surfaces, vertical surfaces, air space, corridors, laneways, and/or reclaimed, unused, under-utilised or abandoned areas, objects and digital channels.
To get involved or if you know of a space that may be used or available please email business@kingslandnz.com.

Kingsland Artists and Creatives Register

Kingsland Business Society is looking for artists and creative people to propose or work with a range of different projects and events that add to the culture, character and experience of Kingsland. 

The aim of the Kingsland Artists and Creatives Register is to identify makers, artists, producers, designers and design-led practitioners who may wish to exhibit, create, temporarily enliven or activate through performance spaces within Kingsland. Click link for Kingsland Arts and Creatives Registration Form