Street Art

The KINGSLAND District Street Art

Modern graffiti reached New Zealand in the 1980s, initially through TV documentaries and early publications, sparking some early pioneers in our suburbs scrawling their aliases on the walls of their neighbourhoods with rudimentary style.  One place that it notably flourished was in the rail corridor through Kingsland and Morningside, where some of the first proper multi-coloured graffiti “pieces” began to appear. Click link for more

Rod MacLeod 'In a Kings Land'  Exhibition 2009 - paintings of Kingsland-Morningside rail corridor graffiti art pieces, published with permission of the artist.

RALPH HOTERE                                 428 New North Rd
Askew One
Auckland graffiti artist Askew One pays homage to Ralph Hotere, one of New Zealand’s most prominent artists, someone he calls a “human being of substance.”  Mar 13                   

BLUE LADY                                            2 Morningside Dr
Owen Dippie & Hipara August  
Mid 2016 some local graffiti bombers defaced this mural, a reproduction of a famous painting “The Chinese Girl” by Vladimir Tretchikoff.  As this section of train corridor was once a safe-haven for graffiti writers, this could explain why they endeavoured to reclaim this wall.  Apr 13

PUTANGITANGI                                  358 New North Rd
Charles & Janine Williams
"Mating for life, the Pūtangitangi ducks represent the unity between Pakeha and Māori that is needed for the road ahead when working together on our future as a city. Honouring the past through the references* in the mural and releasing life to all around."   Jan 15
* Referencing 'Cabbage Tree Swamp' C1880 John Backhouse, Alexander Turnbull Library

THE DIVIDE                                            2 Morningside Dr
Andrew J Steel 
"This was one of the first large scale public works I painted as Andrew J. Steel when I departed BMD after ten years. This particular work speaks directly about the conflict I experienced in BMD. In the end, we didn’t agree on much and it became a total breakdown of relationship, hence the dog fight depicted in the  work."  
Dec 15

RTR                                                        599 New North Rd
This wall has been painted and re-painted intermittently for 20 years by members of highly respected Auckland graffiti crew RTR, who maintain a friendly relationship with the property owners.  This current production was painted by the graffiti artists SHAKE and STRAY.  Their names are painted deftly in their unique styles, with a strong graphic design influence adding a certain sophistication these mature artists are renowned for.

 DMN                                                     601 New North Rd

This is a piece by KALIS of DMN crew, which is a strictly underground Auckland graffiti bombing collective who achieved significant notoriety during the 2000’s, with many members remaining active to the present day.  This is classic example of a graffiti production, the writer’s names painted with unique style, flanked by cartoon characters on a simple graphic background.